Lolobrigida (stable name: Lilly)

Bay, Mare, 5 years, 15.3 hands

Super young horse with so much potential. Homebred out of an intermediate mare.

Plenty of scope, very brave and bold to a fence with a wonderful attitude. Three quality paces, superb balanced canter and a lovely natural way of going.

She has always been very straight forward taking everything in her stride. Been to training shows and cross country schooled, now ready to go out and compete.

Going to give someone a tremendous amount of fun and success as she goes up the grade.

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Cumlaude @ Lincoln

Bobbi spreading his wings… He’s such a show off!



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Lincoln day 3

Last day, we were back again at the crack of dawn with Saunders Lady (Poppet) in the intermediate. Unlike Oasby she couldn’t quite contain herself. her trot work was good but the canter was just too exciting!! Moving on….. She carried on her form from Oasby and jumped a super double clear again. The xc at Lincoln I think, always asks plenty of questions, she certainly answered them making it feel very easy and taking all the straight routes. Clever girl!


Pops @ lincoln

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Lincoln day 2

Back with the novices. Cumlaude (Bobbi) was having another easy confident run before Burnham 2* and Vitalin Vigour (Pye) and Cufflink were having the first party of the season!

Bobby was up first bright and early. Bless him it was a freezing cold windy day and that combined with a little excitement was all to much, we didn’t do our best test! However he redeemed himself jumping double clear and storming around the xc making it all feel effortless!

Cufflink had a gold star moment straight away doing a fab test and his first sub 30 mark. So very pleased he started this seasons with the same attitude he finished the last. He was a little lazy in the showjumping just dropping his hinds coming out of both doubles- naughty! He too went on to fly around the xc, he just adores this phase and hes a loose ring snaffle mouth which just makes my job all the more enjoyable!


Pye was like bobbi, he too was a little bright and couldn’t quite contain himself. We managed a respectable test however. I’ll forgive him for first run excitement! He Showjumped well just to have the last but he was really trying and putting the effort in. Xc he zipped round no problem, finding it all very easy.


Very good day, plenty to work on but they all feel great even if a little bright!

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Lincoln Day 1

A nice quick easy day at Lincoln. Larkfleet was in the BE100 and what an improvement! He did an even quieter test than oasby, to get a good score of 30.8. He is just such an elegant horse with a beautiful canter and his way of going is so light, soft and in self carriage so its really nice to be rewarded with good marks. He then went on to jump a double clear around a decent showjumping track and xc. There were plenty of little questions out there and for only his second BE100 he was super. He has such a wonderful attitude in all 3 phases, but super cute xc. When hes not sure about a combination or if its all coming a bit quick he just drops down to trot, works it out and off he goes again. So sweet. Once he understands the job I think he will be a real machine xc!

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We had a gentle start to the season with Larkfleet in the BE100 on Thursday. He has strengthen up over the winter doing a little hunting with the Cottesmore, and I could really feel the difference.  He did a sweet test, although the mark doesn’t reflect. His Showjumping round was much improved from last year, feeling much stronger in his technique. However we had a ‘first run of the season’ lapse of concentration and was busy looking at the tents and forgetting what he was doing, and not picking up properly. Never mind! He flew around the XC no problem, so all in all a good run considering he hadn’t had much preparation due to me being sidelined!


Friday was a little busier, with Saunders Lady (Poppet) and Liberty Rock (Bertie) in the Intermediate, Cumlaude (Bobbi) in the Novice later in the day.

Bertie did a lovely test, lots to work on but was good enough to lead his section, he went on to jump a seriously classy clear Showjumping. Unfortunately they were not fit enough to run fast and didn’t feel the ground was the most forgiving so popped round with a cricket score of time faults. Very good performance but very frustrating!

Poppet too did a good test for her, especially for her first one. We managed to keep the tension at bay! She followed in Bertie’s footsteps jumping a fab clear Showjumping and a steady but text book round xc.

Bobbi did an acceptable test for his first, a little excitement creeping in at times. He too followed the trend of the day and jumped a beautiful clear showjumping and stormed around the xc.


All in all a fab start to the season, it wasn’t very long ago I thought I would never make it to Oasby, so the fact we got there was great!

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Not a good start….

So it hasn’t been a great start for me this year, all was going swimmingly until I ruptured a disk in my back. Luckily just a leak so if I follow doctors orders I should be back on board soon. Note to my four legged over enthusiastic beasts- no more bucking or no parties for you!!! Box rest for me!


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Welcome Gordon! 15.3hh 5yrs old TB . I have bought him as a little project to produce. He’s a very athletic smart type. He’s been away being backed through the autumn and was great to get him back and start playing. He really is a natural, super paces and very neat ping! Who needs a warmblood?!


Edward was too off being backed in the autumn. He’s my whopping but divine 2 yrs old, another homebred baby that we are SERIOUSLY excited about. He is simply beautiful.


I have to thank Mathew Mackley for doing such a great job with both of my babies, he’s a true horseman and very professional. I can’t wait to see what he thinks of the others that our lined up in the fields

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2014 round up

Wow… it’s been a little while. Sorry!


We had a slight mid season crisis last year in August with my poor mother getting seriously injured and no head girl for 6 weeks.


The ponies however were still on great form and on track..


Poppet (Saunders Lady) finished off the season with two double clears around Allerton Advanced and Little downham advanced. It really was the icing on the cake of an already awesome season with her, Double clear all year! What an amazing 8 year old! Hopefully a very exciting future with some 3*’s on the horizon.


Bertie (Liberty Rock) had his little break after Houghton CCI**. I felt that despite being fab and giving me a great ride he still needed a little more time before upgrading, so carried on gaining a few miles on the clock around intermediates. He’s a true pure Irishman that is just taking that little bit longer to mature physically, but watch this space! He gave me and absolutely SUPER ride at Oasby Intermediate top few after the dressage, annoyingly 1 pole Showjumping but he felt much stronger and organised and stormed around the XC bring home just 7 time faults. Finished the season on a real high.

Bertie Oasby

Bobby (Cumlaude) finished up at Osberton CIC** 7 year old champs. After having a little hiccup at Gatcombe with a very sore girth gall, where he just didn’t want to go forward at all bless him! He was back on super form. It was his first time in a big arena and first time with tents and flags flapping around him, so was very pleased that he was unfazed and got down to work in his test. He made a couple of baby mistakes but he still has a little more strengthening to do and in time I hope he will do a seriously smart test. Showjumping he just touched two, he’s a very careful horse and was virtually over trying which was a disappointing result but still it’s all good experience. XC he was super, a changed horse from Gatcombe he took the bridle and was off, giving me a really confident ride with just 6.8 time. Lovely spin to finish the season.



Cufflink finished his season a little earlier, after picking up a knock spinning around on the gallops while in full gallop- little monkey!! The plan was Osberton CCI**, having jumped so confidently around Somerford CIC**. However with this little set back I would have missed out on his fitness work and felt maybe I’d be better to save him for another day- after all he is only 7 years old!!!


Pye (Vitalin Vigour) He too had a very annoying and little set back, he was in a similar situation as Cufflink and made the decision to save him then go slightly unprepared. Very frustrating as he has given me some great rides this year. Spring CCI** for him hopefully!


Austin (Larkfleet) my baby boy has had a lovely autumn playing with some eventing and has gone on to hunt this winter. He’s really starting to strengthen up and get control and balance. I am really looking forward to getting him out again this season, he’s such a lovely horse to ride. Although unfortunately looks like he might be for sale, as I’ve got a line of babies ready to come in!

Austin oasby 3



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Day 3 of eventing weekend. I’m very fortunate to a fab back up team who had got Poppet (Saunders Lady) and Bertie (Liberty Rock) ready to head of with on Sunday morning. Both of these two were having a nice run after a little break. It was Bertie’s first run back after Houghton CCI** and Poppet’s after getting a bruised foot at Rockingham, then me being away on holiday- Whoops! Anyway they were both pleased to be out, Bertie did an okay test, a little of excited tension creeping in at times but nothing to worry about. Poppet did some lovely trot work, then couldn’t contain herself in her walk jiggling through it and then proceeded to do some rocket fueled canter work. Bless her- all just too exciting to out at a party again!

Both went on to jump lovely double clears, Poppet went xc on complete auto pilot, felt like she is ready to step up a level. Bertie was super chilled about it all and super all the way, slightly miss read the water but was very honest and worked it all out last minute.


A fab end to a busy weekend, so lucky to have all my babies progress so well. Love them all.

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