Gaby Smiling


Day 3 of eventing weekend. I’m very fortunate to a fab back up team who had got Poppet (Saunders Lady) and Bertie (Liberty Rock) ready to head of with on Sunday morning. Both of these two were having a nice run after a little break. It was Bertie’s first run back after Houghton CCI** and Poppet’s after getting a bruised foot at Rockingham, then me being away on holiday- Whoops! Anyway they were both pleased to be out, Bertie did an okay test, a little of excited tension creeping in at times but nothing to worry about. Poppet did some lovely trot work, then couldn’t contain herself in her walk jiggling through it and then proceeded to do some rocket fueled canter work. Bless her- all just too exciting to out at a party again!

Both went on to jump lovely double clears, Poppet went xc on complete auto pilot, felt like she is ready to step up a level. Bertie was super chilled about it all and super all the way, slightly miss read the water but was very honest and worked it all out last minute.


A fab end to a busy weekend, so lucky to have all my babies progress so well. Love them all.

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