Gaby Smiling

Lincoln Day 1

A nice quick easy day at Lincoln. Larkfleet was in the BE100 and what an improvement! He did an even quieter test than oasby, to get a good score of 30.8. He is just such an elegant horse with a beautiful canter and his way of going is so light, soft and in self carriage so its really nice to be rewarded with good marks. He then went on to jump a double clear around a decent showjumping track and xc. There were plenty of little questions out there and for only his second BE100 he was super. He has such a wonderful attitude in all 3 phases, but super cute xc. When hes not sure about a combination or if its all coming a bit quick he just drops down to trot, works it out and off he goes again. So sweet. Once he understands the job I think he will be a real machine xc!

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