Gaby Smiling

Lincoln day 2

Back with the novices. Cumlaude (Bobbi) was having another easy confident run before Burnham 2* and Vitalin Vigour (Pye) and Cufflink were having the first party of the season!

Bobby was up first bright and early. Bless him it was a freezing cold windy day and that combined with a little excitement was all to much, we didn’t do our best test! However he redeemed himself jumping double clear and storming around the xc making it all feel effortless!

Cufflink had a gold star moment straight away doing a fab test and his first sub 30 mark. So very pleased he started this seasons with the same attitude he finished the last. He was a little lazy in the showjumping just dropping his hinds coming out of both doubles- naughty! He too went on to fly around the xc, he just adores this phase and hes a loose ring snaffle mouth which just makes my job all the more enjoyable!


Pye was like bobbi, he too was a little bright and couldn’t quite contain himself. We managed a respectable test however. I’ll forgive him for first run excitement! He Showjumped well just to have the last but he was really trying and putting the effort in. Xc he zipped round no problem, finding it all very easy.


Very good day, plenty to work on but they all feel great even if a little bright!

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