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Gaby impressed Sally O'Connor at Burghley

I am currently looking for all forms of sponsorship for the 2015 season.

My aims are to be the best I can be, constantly in pursuit of perfection. Representing Great Britain at World, Europeans and Olympic level is of course the ultimate aim, but also to stay competitive at the top for many years. Good positive experience is needed to raise my profile as well as yours. Generating sponsorship will attract future owners and keep my sponsors closer to the audience.

I will be competing at many other events both in the UK and abroad, including World Cup Qualifiers. There will be many opportunities for advertising at these events. I will be utilising the huge areas of blank space on my lorry, and adding logos and brand names to the new Team clothing items which we will all be wearing during the season.

My experiences with the media have been very positive. I am articulate and more than happy to speak to the media, which gives me ample opportunity to give exposure to my sponsors products and logos.

You will notice that there is ample space for sponsor logo on each and every page of this, my new web site. as well as having a logo on each page, which links back to their web site, Sponsors will be profiled on this sponsors page. I will also be using my Twitter and Facebook pages to give my sponsors as much return on their investment as possible.

My Sponsors

WINNINGEDGE from EquiFeast

Winning Edge by EquifeastEquiFeast challenge ideas that most people take for granted. Their Vcal chelated calcium based “brain food” is the foundation of their incredibly comprehensive WINNINGEDGE supplements for competition horses. This patented approach corrects mineral imbalances in the horse and enables the brain and many other organs to work as nature intended.

Innovative products often don’t have much science behind them so Gaby’s Sir Roscoe took part in one of their blood analysis trials. This has helped EquiFeast understand the interactions between calcium and magnesium which turns out to be the opposite of the conventional wisdom.

EquiFeast believes that every horse is different and, whilst their standard products work brilliantly in 80% of horses there are others that need something a little different. This “fine tuning” approach has revolutionised Roscoe at home and helped him learn and develop. At the time of writing a little more work is required when he competes but the EquiFeast approach is definitely helping him achieve his fantastic potential.

EquiFeast have products for every budget from their entry level Cool, Calm & Collected through to WINNINGEDGE Gold. They also have fantastic and unique allergy and immune support and their FightBack has also helped Roscoe enormously.

Holme Farmed VenisonHolme Farmed Venison

Holme Farmed Venison produce the finest quality venison, farmed to the highest standards. The deer are reared naturally, grazing on grass pastures on our own farm, and from parks and farms throughout the UK to the Highlands of Scotland. This guarantees a beautifully flavoured lean and tender red meat. They offer a wide range of easy to prepare cuts in their on-line shop.

HFV have also created a range of Full Grain Deerskin and Deerskin Suede products including clothing, briefcases and gun sleeves.

I enjoy all country pursuits so the Deerskin range of clothing is an absolute must. They are fabulously warm and beautifully made, lightweight and seriously classy. I simply love them.

My Supporters

Nico Morgan Photography

Photography by Nico MorganNico is a Rutland-based photographer who specialises in equestrian sports and events. His clients include Horse & Hound, Horse, Your Horse, Equestrian Life, Point Two, Dodson and Horrell and many more. If he is not working for a client you will find him running around after one of the East Midlands Fox Hunts, dodging ponies at the end of a polo pitch or dolled up and photographing a wedding or party.

Nico kindly helped me out with the photography and web design (another skill of his!) for this site